I have worked very hard to bring you the best products possible. Soy wax offers the cleanest burning and best scent throw available. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of using soy:

*Soy wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin.
*Soy wax is biodegradable and is easily cleaned up with soap and water.
* Soy produces little to no soot.
* Soy wax holds scent much better than Paraffin.
*Soy wax will NOT cause discoloration to walls like a petroleum based products in paraffin.
*Soy helps to support all American Farmers.
* With proper care you will get many hours of enjoyment from your candles and other soy products.
*As with any candle product please always follow all safety instructions.

Never burn a candle near a draft, this could cause the candle to burn unevenly.

Burn all containers long enough to form a meltpool completely across the top. The meltpool is what gives you the wonderful scent. The average meltpool forms within two to three hours depending on the size of your container candle. ALWAYS keep the wick trimmed back to 1/4" and centered. A long wick will cause your candle to smoke.. For safety reasons do not burn your candle all the way to the bottom of the jar, stop burning when to candle is about 1/2" from bottom.

The best way to extinguish the flame of your candle is by using a wick dipper, bending the wick to drown in the soy wax and then straighten the wick back up, or by suffocating the flame by cutting off the oxygen. These techniques will also help to keep your wick straight and centered throughout the life of your candle.


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