FRENCH VANILLA: Rich and creamy vanilla , just the right amount of warmth, not Too sweet a perfect blend.

OCEAN MIST: You remember that smell that lets you know the ocean is not far off that is just what this reminds me. A fresh, clean aroma that takes Right to the waters edge.

PINA COLADA: A tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut. Refreshing, and exhilarating aroma.

YUZU: Top note of mandarin with ruby red grapefruit. Backgrounds of bergomat, and oak moss. Tried this scent at a craft show and sold like wildfire. Strong lingering aroma but not heavy. Just one of those feel good scents.

HOT APPLE STRUDELS: Macintosh apples smothered in cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg all layered between a warm crumbly butter crust.

DOUBLE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE: Oh my gosh if this doesn’t cure PMS nothing will. Rich, luscious and Dark . Like biting into a Hersheys Sweet chocolate bar without the calories.

CUCUMBER-ALOE: Want to put a spring in your step? This is an invigorating Refreshing scent. Perfect morning pick me up aroma. Fresh Crisp cucumber with just the right amount of aloe.

SNICKERDOODLES: The warm baked aroma of vanilla beans, gingerbread, brown Sugar and maple syrup. Just the perfect blend of ingredients Totally different from the popular sugar cookie scent. Makes your Kitchen smell so great!

PUMPKIN CRUNCH CAKE: Creamy pumpkin filling with sweetened condensed milk. Surrounded by spice cake and warm pecans.

VANILLA WALNUT: A creamy luscious vanilla aroma with a strong warm nutty scent of walnuts.

LOVESPELL: Victorias’ Secret duplicate composed of sweet mandarin, bergamot, with hints of peach , raspberries and white musk.

CREME BRULEE: Creamy vanilla custard drenched in buttery caramel sauce.

BANANA NUT BREAD: Sweet ripened bananas all baked up with cinnamon, spices and nuts.

CHRISTMAS CABIN: A blend of bayberries, and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark and hints of orange zest.

MANGO-PAPAYA: A true tropical delight. A blend of ripe mangos and juicy papaya that fill your home with sweet smells of the Islands.

SWEET POTATO PIE: My Best Seller! A rich combination of candied yams, marshmallows, cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange zest. All wrapped in a buttery sweet crust. This warm scent will fill your home even when not burning.

SINUS RELIEF: The true scent of Vicks Vapor Rub blended with eucalyptus and mint. A wonderful alternative to nose sprays. (Take it from someone who knows.)

LILACS IN BLOOM: The ultimate in floral scents. A timeless aroma of fresh lilac blooms.

MONKEY FARTS: What a Treat! Not what you think. A unique fragrance of bananas, grapefruit, kiwi and a touch of vanilla and a hint of bubblegum.

WARM VANILLA SUGAR: A warm blend of vanilla beans with strong hints of musk. A real romantic scent.

APPLE JACK PEEL: Fill your home with the aromatic scent of apples, cloves and nutmeg.

CINNAMON: Just what the name implies. Strong aroma of warm cinnamon fills your home with that homey, cozy sweet smell.

MULBERRY: A zesty scent of orange peel, warm mulberries with a hint of cinnamon.

FROSTED SNOWDROPS: A bath and body Works duplicate. This unisex scent embraces musk and sandelwood. A lasting scent with slight hint of winter florals.

“THE WILLOWS” : The same aroma of entering a log cabin and the smell of spices and citrus engulf you. A slight scent of wood and oakmoss. This scent is in memory of my father John L. Morrow and all proceeds from this sale go to the American Cancer Society.

RASPBERRY ZINGER: Have you ever eaten a Hostess zinger? This wonderful creative scent begins with sweet rasberries and toasted coconut with a spoonful of buttercream frosting and sponge cake.

FRESH LINEN: A fresh clean crisp scent of jasmine, lily of the Valley, french vanilla, and a soft hint of powder.

ORANGE CLOVE: The strong scent of fresh squeezed orange with high notes of cloves, Combined in this scent are hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. The scent just makes you think of Christmas morning.

GINGERBREAD: Smells exactly like gingerbread baking in your own oven. A warm aroma of ginger, with notes of vanilla and just the right hint of christmas spices.

HEAVENLY HONEYSUCKLE: a fresh ozonic blend with hints of jasmine and rose with a light touch of greenery.

GINGER PEACH: A well balanced fragrance of ginger essence combined with juicy peaches Fantastic cold and hot scent throw.

LAVENDER FIELDS: A true lavender aroma. This is a wonderful aromatherapy scent. Strong Hot and cold scent throw. Lavender is thought to evoke relaxation and Stress relief.

COUNTRY BUMPKIN: A wonderful complex blend of apples, candied yams, sweet cream Butter brown sugar, cinnamon and fresh clove.

FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE: The smell is exactly like cutting into a fresh orange.

SUGAR COOKIES: A wonderful fresh baked cookie scent with notes of brown sugar and Cinnamon. A warm bakery scent.

SWEET PEA: A bath and body duplication. An English garden of hyacinth, violets and Wild jasmine.

MARY'S HOMEMADE BREAD: As a child visiting my grandma, the smells of hot baking bread is what I most remember. This scent takes me back to walking into her home. The aroma of yeast bread baking.

NANNY'S GARDEN: This scent is in honor of my maternal grandmother. Pink roses and lily of the valley filled her small garden. Strong aroma of roses , lily of the valley, and violets . It is like smelling a bouguet of fresh cut flowers.

STRAWBERRY CREME: A luscious scent of fresh strawberries and sweet cream, with notes of Vanilla and sugar.

WON'T YOU BE MY HUCKLEBERRY: You are going to love this scent. A combination of huckleberries with just enough fresh lemon to lift the scent with just a touch of greenery Sweet but not overpowering , light but truly fragrant.

Violet Bouquet: A bath and body works duplicate. Light violet aroma, slightly sensual and clean


Wisteria: The perfect light floral blend , with just a hint of jasmine and a touch of clove

Hot toddy: a mix of fuji apple, bergamot, lemon wedge, cinnamon sugar, zesty clove, nutmeg and vanilla bean, Fabulous Fall Scent!

Brown sugar fig:Complex mix of fresh fig, peach essence, with notes of vanilla orchid, freesia, coconut milk, and Jasmine.
a irresitable scent and a B&B duplicate

Cracklin" Birch: Outdoors on a winter Day! Amazing fireside aroma, top notes of bergamot, tonka beans, geranium, orange and lemon . rounded out with notes of patchouli. reminds me of a woodburning fire on a cold night

Lemon Squares: Mouthwatering arom a the classic lemon square dessert. top notes of lemon, pie crust, citrus peel, with buttery
notes of vanilla Bean. Love this scent!

Mulled cider: Fantastically strong aroma! Ripened apples and oakmoss. A strong blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange. Along with a background of lychee berries

Caramel Apple: Makes you want to take a bite! rich caramel all smothered around a huge red juicey apple

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