Thank you for your interest in my fundraising program. I will make the fundraising process easy, while at the same time, increasing your profit by providing high quality Handcrafted , affordable candles.

Here’s How it works!
Just give me a call or send an email , naming your organization or group and a contact person. Set date for program to start and cut off date for orders and money to be turned in to contact person. All personal checks will be made payable to Willow Hill Candles.

I currently offer 2 sizes for fundraisers. The 16oz country jar and/or the 8oz. square mason jar. I offer you your choice of 10 scents and provide the order forms with the 10 scents you have chosen listed on form. Your organization will pay a wholesale price for the candles, anything over that price will be your profit. Prices will be given to the contact person. You will receive scent samples and 2 full size of the jars chosen as free examples of my candles.

I provide fundraising opportunities to anyone interested, but shipping costs will cut into your profits. If possible picking up orders is recommended. Also, in some instances I have no problem meeting customers at a half way point. Your order will be packed in cases by scent and size. This makes it easy for you to sort and distribute individual orders.

Candles are an excellent way for your organization to make money, everyone loves to buy quality candles . Thank you so much for your interest and I will look forward to helping your organization make huge profits!

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