Sweet Santa is a great Santa Make-do. He is 17 inches tall and he is holding his friend Christmas Crow. He is made of muslin that is painted and aged and his coat and hat are made of wool felt. Santa and Crow are finished up with mini berry garland wreathes, pipecleaner candy canes, scarves, and rusty tin. This pattern includes full sized pattern pieces and diagrams for assembling Santa and his clothing. Also available in paper form for 9.50 under the PATTERN category.
Price - $6.50

These Three Little Witches are so adorable! The are made of muslin, coffee stained, and painted. Each one is different from the other, and is finished off with coffee stained chenille stem arms, either a pouch or key tag, tulle, and a rusty wire hanger. All have little black boots and a muslin hat with a black wool felt rim. They are easy to make and paint and will look geat hanging on a Halloween tree or tucked on a shelf with your other Halloween decorations. This pattern includes instructions for all three Witches.
Price - $6.50

Three Prim Santas all in one pattern! Each one measures 7" - 8", is made from muslin, coffee stained and painted. They all have cheesecloth coat and hat trims and pipe cleaners for arms. Rusty jingle bells, chenille stem candy canes, a little garland, and a rusty twisted wire hanger finish them off. Full sized pattern pieces included for each santa.Also available in instant download form.
Price - $8.50

Meet Ghaston! He is a wonderful ghost just in time for Halloween! Ghaston is a 19-1/2" Ghost Make-do made of muslin which is painted, and aged. He is dressed in his scary cheesecloth robes with buttons down the front and he has his keys to the haunted mansion around his neck. He is fun to create, because he is easy to make and assemble. His pattern comes with full sized pattern pieces, diagrams, full instructions and a Tips and Sources page. Ghaston will definitely make a great addition for the Fall/Halloween Season! Also available in instant download on the Instant Download pages.
Price - $8.50

Edgar Allen Pumpkinhead is a 15-1/2" Primitive Fabric Make-do. Of course he is named after his favorite author Edgar Allen Poe. He is made of muslin, coffee- stained, painted, and accented with buttons and cheesecloth. He is on a stand made from a unpainted 6" table leg and he holds a "perch" for his friend RAVEN whom he named after is favorite Poe poem "The Raven". This little guy is fun to make and his pattern includes full-sized pattern pieces, instructions, diagrams, and Sources page. He will definitely make a great addition to the rest of your Fall and Halloween decorations tucked in with them on your mantel or shelf.Also available for instant download on my instant download category.
Price - $8.50

Witch Griselda Morrighan is my newest witch, and I love the way she turned out! She is approx. 25" tall including her hat. She is made of black flannel and printed fabric, with a cheesecloth shawl and tulle cape. Then coffee staining and baking give her a primitive look. She is holding her broom and a tealite and a vintage look hangtag is pinned on her 'skirt'. Her fingers can even bend around her broom and tealite! The pattern includes full sized pattern pieces, a tips and sources page, and diagram pages. I have the tealites on my supply pages if you need them. Also available in instant download form on the e-pattern pages.
Price - $8.50

Witch Gretta is a great Fall/Halloween Doorgreeter/Wallhanging Pattern. She measures 31" (to the top of her hat), and is made of printed fabric, muslin and Tulle for the most part and her hat is Black Wool Felt. Her head and body is one piece, with the legs attached separately so she is easy and fun to make. Her legs and boots are painted and she is dressed up in her Tulle cape and scarf. Of course she is holding her favorite broom which has her name on it. Instructions for the broom are included and the pattern includes full sized pattern pieces and diagrams.Witch Gretta is OH SO WITCHY! and she would love to greet all your Halloween guests at the door and let them know that "Witches are Welcome"!.She is also available in instant download form.
Price - $8.50

S. Claus is a 24" prim Santa made from muslin and fabric with cheesecloth trims. He has been coffee stained along with his clothing and accessories, and his coat, pants, and hat have also been painted to give him his primitive Christmas colors. He has his Christmas stockings, jingle bells, and is finished off with German glass glitter. This pattern includes full-sized pattern pieces, instruction sheets, instructions for coffee staining and painting, and a page of tips and sources. S. Claus will look awesome either hanging or sitting and he will also bring along alot of Christmas Spirit! Also available in instant download form on the e-pattern pages.
Price - $8.50

This is a 15" wonderful fabric Santa made from mostly muslin with cheesecloth trims. The muslin is coffee stained and painted to give him his primitive look. He is accented with Rusty Jingle Bells, Mini Ming Berry Garland, and Mica Flakes.Items available from Season to Season used for Santa are:13mm Rusty Jingle Bells, 20mm Rusty Jingle Bells, Mini Ming Berry Garland. Also available in instant download on the e-pattern pages.
Price - $8.50

Helgetha is a great Halloween shelfsitter. From the tip of her hat she is 16 inches tall, and 11 inches wide. She has been coffee stained and grunged up to give her that primitive look. Her hands and arms are poseable so you can arrange them in any spooky position you want. Instructions are included for coffee staining and the hands and arms. They are very easy to make. Included in your pattern is a vintage hangtag reproduction to pin on Helgetha, and the source for getting more tags if you want. You will truly enjoy having Helgetha around for Halloween! Also available in instant download form on the e-patterns pages.
Price - $8.50

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