Our ponies are hand led, and we can ride just about anywhere. It is not uncommon for us to walk on sidewalks or quiet streets.

Is my backyard big enough? What if I donít have a yard? What if it rains?

Ponies and children generally donít mind the rain. Parents do! We are willing to get a little wet, if you are. Most participants forget about the rain when we arrive. Also, if possible we will come a little earlier or later. If the weather is extreme we could reschedule or cancel.

Who will do the clean up?

Donít worry we bring a shovel and take it any droppings away with us.

How old or young can riders be?

Ponies are perfect for family parties with children of different ages. Babies and big kids enjoy ponies. The youngest rider we have had was about three months old and the oldest rider was eighty one. Our ponies are small so we prefer to keep riders under 130 pounds.

What else happens besides the children taking a ride?

As soon as we arrive the children will actively participate in a lesson on pony safety and they take the, ďPony OathĒ. Depending on the groups level of interest we can do things like share horse trivia or allow the children to brush the pony.

Is a pony a small horse?

A pony is similar to a small dog. It is a shorter version of the same thing.

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