Primitive Bunny with Tulip in a Blue Box with Light

Product Description
Primitive Bunny with Tulip in a Blue Box with Light

When you display this sweet little bunny and his tulip, you will definitely feel that spring is in the air!! He and his posey sit in a little blue slatted wooden box that is painted blue then lightly sanded to give it a primitive look. Also in the box is a small electric candle lamp with a silicone bulb that is surrounded by artificial flowers and a few pip berries. Mr. Rabbit is made from osnaburg fabric that has been stained with a special prim mixture. His face is embroidered and sports sisal twine whiskers, he has two wood heart shaped buttons on his tummy, and has a scarf made of blue and white checked homespun. His tulip is also made from osnaburg and has been painted red and rubbed down with cinnamon to give it a very rustic look. The flower is attached to a tree twig. The box is 8" X 4.5", and is 9.5" to the top of the bunny's ears. Made from a pattern by Liberty Creek Primitives.

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