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Welcome to DJdoodleVILLE, an Online Shopping Community of Crafts and Gift Shoppes, brought to you by DJdoodle!

All of the Web Shoppes listed on this site are hosted by DJdoodle, and many of them were created using our DIY Website Builder.

Our Online Shopping Community offers a great variety of products, from handmade crafts and gifts, to collectibles, country and primitive home decor and much, much more!

You'll find a charming collection of Shoppes with a wide variety of styles and products, from Country and Primitive to Classic and Contemporary as well, with treasures for great gift giving, open 24/7/365!

^*^* Announcement ^*^*

DJdoodle is the proud new owner of Mercantile Gatherings, a magazine which focuses on antique & primitive home decor. Mercantile Gatherings also has a new store and we invite you to click on the Mercantile Store link below!

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