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Entry: 22
Date: 11-15-2017 17:48:27
Name: Rosemarie Wiest
Comments: Your homepage is eye catching. I sent my good friend a note about your page.

Entry: 21
Date: 10-22-2017 15:25:21
Name: karen Brown
Comments: I just came across your patterns on a wool site. I love them!!! I am so glad you have turned it into a great business! I look forward to ordering from you soon! (Promised myself a couple more completions before another purchase!!!) Have a great holiday season!


Entry: 20
Date: 08-15-2017 09:00:56
Name: Pat Janero
Comments: Your patterns are beautiful. I used to live in Nashua, NH.

Entry: 19
Date: 07-15-2017 12:48:09
Name: Shirley staats
Comments: Beautiful! How do I see all your patterns?

Entry: 18
Date: 03-29-2017 09:18:02
Name: Cecile Hannaway
Comments: Love your products and designs. Just wish we could have a live person to speak to when having problems with our orders. Hopefully, quicker contacts are forthcoming.

Entry: 16
Date: 02-28-2017 14:39:24
Name: Pam Crouse
Comments: Your designs are beautiful, Kathy. Thank you for your special offers and your kind communications.

Entry: 15
Date: 11-26-2016 12:35:21
Name: kay lynch
Comments: love your patterns

Entry: 13
Date: 11-22-2016 09:30:47
Name: Sally Engle
Comments: Love your site. So many wonderful things to chose from.

Entry: 12
Date: 11-20-2016 23:28:07
Name: cindy Bassett
Comments: love your site, will be shopping soon

Entry: 11
Date: 09-13-2016 18:53:33
Name: Trudy Burmann
Comments: I just discovered your web site. Lots of beautiful patterns.

Entry: 10
Date: 06-12-2016 21:44:00
Name: Ginny
Comments: Love all your patterns

Entry: 9
Date: 10-11-2015 13:26:28
Name: Colleen Purcell
Comments: I love all the different patterns. It would be hard to pick a favorite. Beautiful!!

Entry: 8
Date: 09-22-2015 14:57:20
Name: Mary Smith
Comments: I love the patterns you do ...I have many now

I started penny rugs last summer 2014 and plan on doing them forever and maybe sell them at harvest festival next year....thank you for being here for us Digital is my

Entry: 7
Date: 09-18-2015 20:59:01
Name: Tera
Comments: Just "found" you at a shop hop in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Love your designs!

Entry: 6
Date: 09-17-2015 20:33:04
Name: Linn
Comments: Great patterns! I'll be back!

Entry: 5
Date: 09-17-2015 18:13:34
Name: Celia Coy
Comments: Love your new website!

Entry: 4
Date: 09-17-2015 09:33:14
Name: Kellyann
Comments: That cat with the witches hat penny rug is your best one yet....and my absolute favorite! Love you. :)

Entry: 3
Date: 09-17-2015 07:14:12
Name: Anita Pochop
Comments: You've been very busy!!I'm so happy to see that you now have your own website!! It looks fantastic! Way to go, girl!!

P.S. I'll be back!!!

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