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Entry: 261
Date: 02-11-2016 12:54:17

Entry: 260
Date: 02-10-2016 21:05:48
Name: Barbara Quillen
Comments: I've already started spring cleaning.

Painted 2 bedrooms.

Entry: 259
Date: 02-10-2016 19:19:50
Name: Nancy Shaw
Comments: My spring job will be doing my cupboards in the laundry room.

Entry: 258
Date: 02-10-2016 19:12:48
Name: Cathy B
Comments: Love this magazine!!!

Entry: 257
Date: 02-10-2016 13:55:00
Name: Betty Roth
Comments: Can't wait to see the new spring issue. Good luck to the new owners!

Entry: 256
Date: 02-09-2016 12:50:52
Name: Linda Frye
Comments: I was in a home in Ohio that was featured in a past issue. I was in love with her charming prim home and when I was gifted the magazine to see the article I fell in love with the magazine. I am not only getting a subscription for myself but for a friend also.

thank you for slowing down in such a fast paced the charm

Entry: 255
Date: 02-09-2016 05:19:45
Name: Jane Bruce
Comments: Thank you for the contest, can't wait to see the new issue.

Entry: 254
Date: 02-08-2016 21:22:27
Name: Cecelia Ragan
Comments: Looking forward to the spring issue I'm sure it will be awesome! Any chance there will be a new updated issue of primitive traveler? Mine is becoming very well used.

Entry: 253
Date: 02-08-2016 13:35:52
Name: Jean Barker
Comments: I have quite a collection of mercantile gatherings magazines and love referring back to them. Can't wait to see the new spring issue!

Entry: 252
Date: 02-01-2016 11:04:43
Name: Cindy Bukowsky
Comments: Hi DJ - I have never subscribed to Mercantile Gatherings, and in fact knew nothing about the magazine until a good friend of mine Michelle G., let me know about it. I wish you well with your new endeavorbut am going to give it a try. I think we need to look at this as a new and exciting experience for both of us. Keep up the good work.

Entry: 251
Date: 01-10-2016 16:20:36
Name: Carole Loftus
Comments: I just found your magazine. I can't believe I haven't seen it sooner. So excited to get my hands on one of your magazines.

Entry: 250
Date: 12-28-2015 08:23:32
Name: Karen McEvoy
Comments: Found a 2013 magazine in an antique mall, bought it!! Love it. We are moving to be self sufficient and off the grid in the woods of Northern Minnesota...

Entry: 249
Date: 12-01-2015 15:08:13
Name: Rhonda Breidenbach
Comments: love all your prim goodness!

Entry: 248
Date: 12-01-2015 13:47:46
Name: Vicki Davis
Comments: Love these books been getting them for years.

Entry: 247
Date: 12-01-2015 12:16:29
Name: Dawn M. Durkee-Pinson
Comments: Love this Magazine! I keep every copy and go back to them for ideas. Thank You!

Entry: 246
Date: 12-01-2015 12:16:00
Name: Rhonda Bruce
Comments: Im looking forward to seeing what direction MG will take under new ownership! Can't wait!

Entry: 245
Date: 12-01-2015 11:58:43
Name: Lana Testa
Comments: Love your magazine and hope I win

Entry: 244
Date: 12-01-2015 11:47:15
Name: Sandy Schutt
Comments: What a great give away!!! ❤️

Entry: 243
Date: 12-01-2015 11:17:42
Name: Lynn Erbesti
Comments: Love your magazine . . . Thank You!

~ Lynn ~

Entry: 242
Date: 12-01-2015 09:23:55
Name: Lisa Kuras
Comments: I love your magazine!!!

Entry: 241
Date: 12-01-2015 08:27:47
Name: Coonie P.
Comments: I have ordered since the very first issue!!

Entry: 240
Date: 12-01-2015 08:05:42
Name: Terri Stump
Comments: Mercantile Gatherings has been one of my favorite decorating "bibles". Keep up the awesome work! :)

Entry: 239
Date: 12-01-2015 07:53:28
Name: Brenda DeLong
Comments: This is my favorite magazine! I can't wait for every new issue to arrive in my mailbox! Thanks for all the amazing pictures and awesome articles!!

Entry: 238
Date: 12-01-2015 07:20:23
Name: Bobbie Moore
Comments: Love to see sugar buckets,crocks and old pine furniture!

Entry: 237
Date: 12-01-2015 07:04:55
Name: Donna T
Comments: Love your magazine!

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