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Entry: 286
Date: 02-15-2016 19:32:11
Name: Maria Dorsey
Comments: The BEST Primitive magazine 😍😍4

Entry: 285
Date: 02-15-2016 17:10:07
Name: Dawn Johnson
Comments: I love looking at the prim home and all of the old time prim goodies and how they decorate. I also love the store listings in the back of the magazine. I just wish New Jersey had more "primness" to offer in our state! Keep up the good work! And in regards to the spring cleaning....first and foremost is my craft work room. Needs a major cleaning and organizing overhaul!

Entry: 284
Date: 02-15-2016 15:57:18
Name: Marsha Pavlenda
Comments: I am cleaning out my craft area as my winter/spring cleaning project!

Entry: 283
Date: 02-15-2016 14:23:37
Name: Pat Litchfield
Comments: Spring cleaning will be painting and new curtains.

Entry: 282
Date: 02-15-2016 11:37:21
Name: Pat Edwards
Comments: Spring cleansing means washing windows and blinds.

Looking forward to getting that stuff done. Than redoing my sewing room so I can start on new projects. Yeah!

Entry: 281
Date: 02-15-2016 10:02:09
Name: Tammy Whaley
Comments: love your magazine!

Entry: 280
Date: 02-15-2016 09:46:23
Name: karey boshears
Comments: A friend of mine is going to be the feature in the Spring issue. I'm so excited for her!

Entry: 279
Date: 02-14-2016 19:28:40
Name: Pam Bybee
Comments: Would love to win the Spring issue!!! I hope this is where we are suppose to leave this to enter. My plans are to clean our pantry out for the Spring cleaning!

Entry: 278
Date: 02-14-2016 18:19:04
Name: Tracy Beachnau
Comments: just ran across for the first time, looking forward to reading my first issue.

Entry: 277
Date: 02-14-2016 16:42:35
Name: Roxanne Johnston
Website: Hibbing, Minnesota. 55746
Comments: The weather in Northern Minnesota is still pretty cold,lots of snow and will be tull April so it leaves plenty of time for spring cleaning g! I like to wash my windows and curtains, wish I could hang them out. I'm going to paint my bathroom this spring, from blue to mustard, then I will paint and distress the wardrobe I have in there that holds towels. That's a good start!

Entry: 276
Date: 02-14-2016 13:58:17
Name: Cathy Lundgren
Comments: I have closets to clean, and then rearrange things in each room. We just moved in 4 months ago, so have allot of projects to complete, and things to add!!!

Entry: 275
Date: 02-13-2016 17:43:06
Name: Sherrian Rittenhose

Entry: 274
Date: 02-13-2016 15:57:04
Name: dorothy metzger
Comments: jbe5x

Entry: 273
Date: 02-13-2016 15:12:11
Name: Jatonda Wigginton
Comments: Love your magazine!!!

Entry: 272
Date: 02-13-2016 13:08:04
Name: Cynthia Weaver
Comments: Love this magazine.

Entry: 271
Date: 02-13-2016 11:30:56
Name: Laura Willacker
Comments: Love, love this magazine and so glad it is continuing! Thank You!

Entry: 270
Date: 02-13-2016 10:50:43
Name: Elly McGee
Comments: already have a subscription. Love this magazine!

Entry: 269
Date: 02-13-2016 09:55:14
Name: Debbie Card
Comments: Love the magazine!

Entry: 268
Date: 02-12-2016 22:24:32
Name: Elizabeth Guadagnini
Comments: Thanks for the giveaway!

Entry: 267
Date: 02-12-2016 21:50:49
Name: Peggy Rice
Comments: My closets always need work.

I would love to win a new issue of your great


Entry: 266
Date: 02-12-2016 19:32:08
Name: Pam Bybee
Comments: Would love to win this magazine!

Entry: 265
Date: 02-12-2016 10:30:31
Name: Mary hazard
Website: Vet country mom blog
Comments: Hope I win

Entry: 264
Date: 02-11-2016 23:05:12
Name: Esther
Comments: Just love each issue.

Entry: 263
Date: 02-11-2016 17:47:16
Name: Linda Clark
Comments: Hoping to win!! Love this magazine. Best of luck to you!!

Entry: 262
Date: 02-11-2016 14:13:34
Name: Pamela
Comments: entering your contest! I've started my spring cleaning already......did my walk in master bdrm closet last week.

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