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Entry: 311
Date: 02-23-2016 20:20:00
Name: LaDonna Smoot
Comments: Just discovered your publication! Hooked!

Entry: 310
Date: 02-23-2016 20:02:03
Name: Virginia Cox
Comments: Beautiful things for the home.

Entry: 309
Date: 02-23-2016 19:54:59
Name: Rita smith
Comments: Looking forward to reading every single word and enjoying every beautiful photo in the newest issue!

Entry: 308
Date: 02-23-2016 19:50:19
Name: Lorraine D'Alessio
Comments: good luck with your new issue...can't wait!!!!

Entry: 307
Date: 02-23-2016 17:07:30
Name: Janet
Website: none
Comments: Really enjoy Mercantile Gatherings, especially seeing how the homes are decorated.

Entry: 306
Date: 02-23-2016 16:08:36
Name: Kathy Buffington
Comments: Always love each issue!

Entry: 305
Date: 02-23-2016 13:02:44
Name: Nelida I Alonso
Comments: Love your magazine and everything prim💗

Entry: 304
Date: 02-22-2016 14:32:40
Name: Marti Wipp
Comments: We are doing our century old home in primitives, antiques,old family treasures...mostly things that have been loved before that have been passed on and that I in my turn will care for and pass on. Your magazine fits my needs perfectly. Thanks, Marti Wipp

Entry: 303
Date: 02-20-2016 22:23:43
Name: Lisa McPherson
Comments: I would love to win one of your magazines.

Entry: 302
Date: 02-20-2016 21:54:31
Name: Angela Bailey
Comments: I discovered your magazine through Pinterest. I have a great love of history and old primitive things. Your magazine will me to continue my country life and help all to remember our past. We need to respect and cherish it. Thank you

Entry: 301
Date: 02-19-2016 22:13:59
Name: William Bramer
Comments: It's all good,love it

Entry: 300
Date: 02-19-2016 14:48:34
Name: Jamie Chastain
Comments: I love this magazine

Entry: 299
Date: 02-18-2016 22:17:57
Name: Shirley Womack
Comments: Enjoy looking at your magazine. Keep up the good work.

Entry: 298
Date: 02-18-2016 22:14:29
Name: Shirley Womack
Comments: Enjoy checking out Mercantile Gatherings site each day.

Entry: 297
Date: 02-18-2016 16:46:21
Name: Ember Boyle
Comments: I have not seen a print copy of your magazine yet and I heard about it via Facebook and commented about my spring cleaning plan there just a few moments ago.

Entry: 296
Date: 02-18-2016 00:07:21
Name: Jayne Luton
Comments: Have enjoyed your magazine for years. It's time to renew my subscription so I can continue to enjoy all the wonderful homes you feature.

Entry: 295
Date: 02-17-2016 22:17:12
Name: Michele Russ
Comments: Wonderful homes and ideas.

Entry: 294
Date: 02-17-2016 13:23:15
Name: Linda Kovach
Comments: Takes my breath away!!

Entry: 293
Date: 02-17-2016 10:02:55
Name: Shirley Womack
Comments: My spring cleaning project now is going through clothes and other items I no longer use to donate to ones in need. Will be donating towels, sheets,etc. to a dog rescue.

Entry: 292
Date: 02-16-2016 20:28:16
Name: Debbie Novak
Comments: Love your magazine!

Entry: 291
Date: 02-16-2016 20:01:49
Comments: Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your spring edition!!

Entry: 290
Date: 02-16-2016 18:12:26
Name: Karen Morgan
Comments: Best wishes for great success .Love the site.

Entry: 289
Date: 02-16-2016 14:05:33
Name: Shirley Womack
Comments: Hoping to win a copy of the Spring issue'

Entry: 288
Date: 02-16-2016 13:52:26
Name: Bonnie wise
Comments: Love the book !!every thing in it.

Entry: 287
Date: 02-16-2016 13:52:08
Name: Shirley Womack
Comments: Can't wait for new Spring merchandise after a cold Winter!

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