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Entry: 134
Date: 11-07-2015 07:27:23
Name: vickie wallace
Comments: great magazine. would love to see the pattern section to return. Been a follower since the beginning.

Entry: 133
Date: 11-07-2015 07:22:11
Name: vickie wallace
Comments: love your magazine

Entry: 132
Date: 11-07-2015 07:02:00
Name: Nora Norris
Comments: Enjoy looking through the magazine.

Entry: 131
Date: 11-07-2015 06:24:33
Name: Connie Paradis
Comments: I have every magazine of yours from the very first copy. Great job!

Entry: 130
Date: 11-06-2015 23:22:53
Name: shelly walker
Comments: Just found out about your magazine! I love what I see here and can't wait to get a subscription!

Entry: 129
Date: 11-06-2015 23:22:34
Name: Lyla Brown
Comments: Love your magazine!

Entry: 128
Date: 11-06-2015 23:03:08
Name: Linda Childs
Comments: I absolutely LOVE your magazine! I wish it were available closer to my home!

Entry: 127
Date: 11-06-2015 22:27:28
Name: Donna Barber
Comments: I always look forward to every issue

Entry: 126
Date: 11-06-2015 21:36:49
Name: Andrea Felsher
Comments: Great magazine and great people!!

Entry: 125
Date: 11-06-2015 21:35:36
Name: Andrea Felsher
Comments: Great magazine and great people!!

Entry: 124
Date: 11-06-2015 19:56:31
Name: Jane Bruce
Comments: Love, love, love the magazine. I post about it every new issue in my prim group on FB.

Entry: 123
Date: 11-06-2015 19:55:41
Name: Jessica Fitzpatrick
Comments: Thank you for all the hard work you put into this perfectly prim magazine. I'm always in awe, every page

Entry: 122
Date: 11-06-2015 19:54:21
Name: Pam Bybee
Website: FB
Comments: I would love to be a winner!

Entry: 121
Date: 11-06-2015 19:46:34
Name: Pam Bybee
Comments: I would love to win!

Entry: 120
Date: 11-06-2015 19:15:29
Name: Charlotte Dockery
Comments: Love this magaziine

Entry: 119
Date: 11-06-2015 18:31:57
Name: Patty Neyens
Comments: Love the magazine

Entry: 118
Date: 11-06-2015 18:29:52
Name: Vicki and Mike Zellner
Comments: Wishing Mercantile Gatherings the best!

Entry: 117
Date: 11-06-2015 18:08:28
Name: Gwenda Bruhn
Comments: Hi there, I was one of the original subscribers to this great magazine. I love it and would love to win a subscription to it!

Entry: 116
Date: 11-06-2015 17:31:54
Name: Ilene Miller
Comments: Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! Love your magazine!!!

Entry: 115
Date: 11-06-2015 16:09:28
Name: Tracy Cathers
Comments: Thank you for all your hard work . I love your magazine it gives me inspiration. I look forward to each and every issue,

Entry: 114
Date: 11-06-2015 15:10:35
Name: Cait Child
Comments: Beautiful pictures and content!

Entry: 113
Date: 11-06-2015 15:08:40
Name: Vicki Tortorella
Comments: My favorite Prim magazine! :-)

Entry: 112
Date: 11-06-2015 14:37:55
Name: Katharina Delude
Comments: I love this magazine! Pictures and articles are so captivating!

Entry: 111
Date: 11-06-2015 13:42:05
Name: Kim Santi-Godshall
Comments: What a unique idea!! Love these pics!!

Entry: 110
Date: 11-06-2015 13:41:38
Name: Glenda Cochran
Comments: Love your magazine!!!

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