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Guestbook Signatures

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Entry: 211
Date: 11-30-2015 11:38:06
Name: Rose Lynn
Comments: Merry Christmas

Entry: 210
Date: 11-30-2015 07:10:11
Name: Alicia Minix
Comments: I love this magazine!!!

Entry: 209
Date: 11-29-2015 09:31:45
Name: Sharon Wilson
Comments: Thank you!ixhfn

Entry: 208
Date: 11-27-2015 19:43:25
Name: Jody Webb
Comments: Love receiving the magazine in the mail! I look forward to it!

Entry: 207
Date: 11-26-2015 10:57:25
Name: Thelma Crawford
Comments: Enjoying your magazine!

Entry: 206
Date: 11-25-2015 19:15:32
Name: Linda
Comments: New to MG. Looking forward to the next prims

Entry: 205
Date: 11-24-2015 00:09:09
Name: Vicki
Comments: I would like to see some outside displays in the Spring issue.

Entry: 204
Date: 11-23-2015 17:42:14
Name: Marsha Reddick
Comments: Love this magazine!

Entry: 203
Date: 11-23-2015 08:02:06
Name: Debbie Gonzales
Website: Facebook
Comments: Great magazine! My mother and sister have shared with me. Will subscribe soon thanks for a very relaxing hour or so!!!

Entry: 202
Date: 11-23-2015 06:58:11
Name: Elaine Sinclair
Comments: Love love love this magazine.

Entry: 201
Date: 11-22-2015 18:39:58
Name: Heather Scott
Comments: Love the magazine! So glad to see it continue! :)

Entry: 200
Date: 11-22-2015 16:56:36
Name: carol curling
Comments: Love,love,love the magazine. Keep up the good work!

Entry: 199
Date: 11-22-2015 10:27:33
Name: Rebecca Rizzo
Comments: Love getting every issue. Christmas is especially my favorite. Keep up the great work.....looking forward to the next one

Entry: 198
Date: 11-20-2015 22:35:01
Name: Judy Smith
Comments: So glad Mercantile Gatherings will continue! Love every issue!

Entry: 197
Date: 11-20-2015 22:32:47
Name: Judy Smith
Comments: I am so relived that Mercantile Gatherings will continue! Love each issue!

Entry: 196
Date: 11-20-2015 13:09:04
Name: Mary Sue Mounlio
Comments: Love, love, love MG!!! Go to the website and get your subscription NOW!! YOU WILL LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

Entry: 195
Date: 11-18-2015 20:41:45
Name: Karen Thacker
Comments: Love looking at this magazine!

Entry: 194
Date: 11-18-2015 16:28:00
Name: Brenda Delia
Comments: New to Mercantile Gatherings. I'm looking forward to seeing your Winter magazine.

Entry: 193
Date: 11-18-2015 16:15:49
Name: Joy McGinnis
Comments: LOVE Mercantile Gatherings!

Entry: 192
Date: 11-18-2015 14:45:04
Name: Linda Childs
Comments: I recently subscribed to Mercantile Gatherings and look forward to my first issue. Previously, I had only been able to find it at a few antique shops. So glad I won't have to miss ONE issue now!

Entry: 191
Date: 11-17-2015 06:57:56
Name: Dee Kier
Comments: Love the magazine!!

Entry: 190
Date: 11-17-2015 02:14:54
Name: Jessica Finnell
Comments: New here, but everything looks wonderful!!

Entry: 189
Date: 11-15-2015 19:35:05
Name: Michele Treen
Comments: Love earns appreciate everything about this magazine ❤️

Entry: 188
Date: 11-14-2015 13:38:09
Name: Suzanne Lamb
Comments: I can't find your magazine in any I visit your website often..Love it!!!

I would LOVE to receive your magazine. Please enter me. Thanks.

Entry: 187
Date: 11-13-2015 14:10:53
Name: Lindsay Saunders
Comments: Looking forward to all the great things ahead for you guys!

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