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Entry: 236
Date: 12-01-2015 06:55:09
Name: Jodi cochran
Comments: Awesome!

Entry: 235
Date: 12-01-2015 06:47:50
Name: Gina
Comments: Great magazine- better people

Entry: 234
Date: 11-30-2015 23:00:31
Name: Harvest House Designs~JoAnn Powell
Comments: As a decorator I absolutely love your magazine.


Entry: 233
Date: 11-30-2015 22:04:43
Name: Cathy Bentley-Whitlock
Comments: I absolutely love this magazine. It inspires me with my own decor in my home. Keep up the good work.

Entry: 232
Date: 11-30-2015 21:48:47
Name: Lorrie Haskell
Comments: Can't wait to be inspired by your great magazine

Entry: 231
Date: 11-30-2015 21:22:23
Name: Kathie R
Comments: I love love love your magazine.

Entry: 230
Date: 11-30-2015 21:19:45
Name: Kathie Rosenberg
Comments: I just love your magazine! I have to pop by my favorite shop, Alechia's Unique House of Country, to pick it up. Thank you for having a magazine that is filled with such wonderful homes, shops and information that I read it from front to back and then can't wait for the next issue!

Entry: 229
Date: 11-30-2015 21:04:48
Name: Joan rickenbach
Comments: Love this book

Entry: 228
Date: 11-30-2015 20:39:26
Name: Teresa Phipps
Comments: Love your magazine, and would love to win !

Entry: 227
Date: 11-30-2015 20:11:00
Name: Camille Galati-Naeger
Comments: Can't get enough! ❤️ Mercantile Gatherings! ☺️

Entry: 226
Date: 11-30-2015 20:08:20
Name: jerry eastin
Comments: signing up again loved my last gift.

Entry: 225
Date: 11-30-2015 20:06:11
Name: Karen Stevens
Comments: Love your magazine!!! Keep them all and keep looking thru them over and over again!!! In the spring issue will look forward to some gardens and of course lots of Prim goodies!!!!

Entry: 224
Date: 11-30-2015 20:04:37
Name: Brenda Britton
Comments: Awesome magazine!

Entry: 223
Date: 11-30-2015 19:41:38
Name: Jill May
Comments: I love your magazine, it is wonderful! :)

Entry: 222
Date: 11-30-2015 19:28:13
Name: Kathy Lorenzini
Comments: Hi, I'm not new to Mercantile Gatherings, but I stopped by to let you know I'm excited that you are continuing the magazine!

Entry: 221
Date: 11-30-2015 19:11:45
Name: Heather Laws
Comments: My favorite magazine!!

Entry: 220
Date: 11-30-2015 18:32:37
Name: Teresa
Comments: I'm a primaholic and would love to win!

Entry: 219
Date: 11-30-2015 18:28:48
Name: kimberley prizel
Comments: I am still trying to find time to sit with a nice cup of hot cider and enjoy the winter issue other then just getting to glance at it.So glad to have a copy......Have a wonderful Holiday and season....

Entry: 218
Date: 11-30-2015 18:10:11
Name: Jill Zieglemeier
Comments: Merry Christmas!! :)

Entry: 217
Date: 11-30-2015 17:48:41
Name: Sandy G.
Comments: LOVE this magazine!!!

Entry: 216
Date: 11-30-2015 17:02:48
Name: Margaret Nicol
Comments: I have not seen this magazine before. I love prim and I'm a prim crafter.

Entry: 215
Date: 11-30-2015 17:00:12
Name: Mary Jenkins
Comments: I love your magazine.

Entry: 214
Date: 11-30-2015 16:59:34
Name: Reda Johnson
Comments: My heart loves prim!

Entry: 213
Date: 11-30-2015 16:58:09
Name: jo mccausey
Comments: keep up the good work

Entry: 212
Date: 11-30-2015 16:47:36
Name: bonnie wise
Comments: Hi,I bought a book other day and really loved it!!!

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